Hunger Busting Burger Perfect For All Tables

Humble apologies to the reader if he or she is quite hungry at the time of reading this. Perhaps that was to be expected, because the reader would have tapped ‘burger’ or ‘burgers’ into the search engine field on his or her smart device in the hope of fetching new order options for his or her next quick-fix of a meal. His or her? Why not both? Hunger busting king size, and queen size burgers, they’re so huge aren’t they, they should be shared. You’d have to be pretty greedy, never mind just plain hungry, and have gargantuan abilities to wolf down such giants, with garnish, relish and fries to go too.

jalapeno burger

Anyone care for a jalapeno burger in the meantime. Leave off the fries for now and just indulge in a spicy dash of vitamin big Cs. There’s also the aphrodisiacal factor for those who care to know. There’s been one too many disappointments. Folks have ordered big. But whether they’ve been waiting in the checkout line or received the delivery at their doorstop, the meal deal turns out to be squishy, squalid and small in comparison to the big and colorful blurb they were given. Well now folks, the time has come.

The time has come to skip the standard fare. Now is the time to go big on gourmet, as in gourmet burgers, didn’t you know. Yes, that’s right, burgers with fries and salads, or one of each, or just the burger thank you very much, are very much sit down affairs. You could turn it into a posh burger affair. But then again, that doesn’t sound quite so right. Anyhow, great stuff ahead if you’re interested in free range authenticity. As in free of muck and loaded with healthy proteins.