4 Great Sandwiches to Enjoy at Lunch

When you’re hungry in the middle of the day, you want something that is filling, but that doesn’t leave you ready for a nap. Most people are working in the middle of the day and also need a lunch that’s easy and quick to eat. The sandwich is the perfect go-to lunch option for these people. Many great types of sandwiches help you fill up until dinner without causing you to overeat. Paired with fries, a sandwich is the perfect complement to the mid-day. Try out these four awesome sandwiches from the family restaurant rome ny for your lunch time pleasures.

1- Chicken Sandwich

The chicken sandwich is the most popular type of sandwich consumed today. There’s many ways to prepare the chicken sandwich, with options offering cheese and those that do not. Chicken can be fried or it can be grilled for the sandwich, placed on a bun or on a grilled toast.

2- Turkey Club Sandwich

Fresh turkey tastes delicious. Add a few fresh veggies like tomato and lettuce for a great taste that you’ll savor in your mouth. Once bacon hits the sandwich, the taste is tantalizing beautiful.

3- Steak & Greens

The Steak & Green sandwich isn’t one that is found at every restaurant but when you see it on the menu, give it a try. It is sure to become a favorite. The sandwich features Philly steak seasoned to perfection, along with sautéed greens on a provolone roll. Eat up!

4- Steak & Cheese

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Popularized in Philadelphia, the Steak & Cheese sandwich is placed on a hoagie roll and includes sautéed onions and peppers and provolone cheese. It is served hot and leaves a flavor in your mouth that you will cherish. You don’t need to be in Philly to enjoy this great sandwich at lunch (or dinner).